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What is Theory of Sex CLUB?

The Theory of Sex Club consists of 3 parts:

1 - Club part (the original idea of sex);
2 - Discussion part (discussion about sex);
3 - Instrumental part (tools for sex).

More about each part.

\ 1 /
---------- CLUB PART ----------

Here club founders Julia V Earth and Alex V Earth share their original idea of sex. The rest of the club members express their opinion on the made statements - a kind of vote.

You can get acquainted with the original idea of ​​sex at the following links:
1.1. Theory of Sex
1.2. Rules of Sex
1.3. Matrix of Sex

Also, for free members of the club, we post comments from the DISCUSSION part (paid section):
1) key theses/opinions,
2) arguments,
3) evidence.

Free users can try and comment the demo version of our sex TOOLS:
1 - Sex Passport
2 - Sex Player
3 - Sex Wiki

Access to CLUB part - FREE for all registered club members

\ 2 /
---------- DISCUSSION PART ----------

The discussion takes place in 3 stages:

Club members exchange their own statements based on their own experience. This part of the opinion does not need arguments and evidence.

Members of the club share actual stories and events that can be applied to the discussion of the theory, rules and matrix of sex. All arguments are accepted only with reference to the source.

Club members find and formulate a pattern based on documented arguments (that is, arguments published in the player). These regularities are evidence of a particular statement.

Important Notes:

a) ACCESS. The discussion part is available only through the player.
b) READ. All paid members of the club can view all sections of the discussion in full.
c) WRITE. The number of opinions, arguments and evidence available for publication is determined by the level of membership.
d) VOTE. Voting in the discussion section is available only to paid users. The strength of the voice is determined by the "karma" of the user. The level of "karma" is formed from the number of published opinions, arguments and evidence, the level of their evaluation by other paid members of the club and the founders of the club in terms of usefulness for the study of Theory of Sex.
c) LIMITED ACCESS. Everyone who creates discussions (opinions, arguments or evidence) may, at their own discretion, restrict access to viewing his publication.
d) BONUSES. The accrual of bonus days is determined by the rating received for written opinions, arguments and evidence.

Access to DISCUSSION part - only for registered club members with upgraded accounts

\ 3 /
---------- INSTRUMENTAL PART ----------

To increase the effectiveness of real sex club members, we have created 3 interconnected services.

3.1. Sex Passport - measures sex potential

How it works?
a) The user enters all their data through an interactive question-answer.
b) Based on received responses, a picture of user's sex potential is created.
c) Based on the current sex potential of the user, a playlist is formed for viewing in the Sex Player.
d) In the Sex Player, the user interactively reacts to the content being viewed.
e) All user reactions are implemented through the sex pass, which simultaneously correct the user's Sex Pass.

3.2. Sex Player - The process of determining the best solution

How it works?
a) The user watches interactive adult content, thus acquiring a virtual sex experience.
b) Based on the user's behavior and his reactions to the content being viewed, the program calculates what will be the best solution for practical implementation for the current period of time.

3.3. Sex Encyclopedia - the implementation of the action

How it works?
a) Thanks to the player, there is a "puzzle" that needs to be implemented.
b) Sex Encyclopedia collects from its data a general picture of the necessary "puzzle" and gives the user specific instructions for its implementation.

Access to INSTRUMENTAL part - only for registered club members with upgraded accounts and demo version for free members

---------- CONCLUSION ----------

So, the instrumental part of the Theory of Sex is used to determine the sex potential of the user (reference point) and find the best solution for the best sex for the user, in which it is possible to achieve the best impact on the user.