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Active User Rewards Program
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Active User Rewards Program

We appreciate the activity of the Theory of Sex club members and want to thank them for their activity with a premium membership.

What do you need to get a Premium membership in this program?

1) Completely fill out your profile in the club and add a profile photo (your face must be visible).

2) Send a request to the email

Email Subject: Active User Rewards Program
Please indicate in your message:
> a) Your nickname in the club and email specified during registration in the club.
> b) Which section do you want to run (blog, events, places, forum)?
> c) Why do you think you will be successful in this?

3) Post at least 2 posts/events/places per week.
Published content should be relevant and useful from a sexual point of view.

How is the premium received?

After reaching an agreement on the section that you will lead, we immediately assign you 1 month of Premium membership.

* If you do not fulfill the agreement within a week without prior notice, the premium membership will be canceled.
* If you violate the agreement again, your account will no longer be able to participate in this program.