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Theory of Sex - alpha version

This is alpha version of Theory of Sex definition


Sex is a hormonal state that occurs at the request of the body and has signs of basic needs.

In more detail, sex is:

1) The physiological hormonal state in which a person reaches orgasm.
2) This state can only be on demand. They cannot be satiated in advance (accumulate) and make up for the shortage later.
3) Sex has the same properties as the feeling of sleep and nutrition, which puts it in the place of basic needs.

Basic Needs Signs:

1) Uncontrollability - the body itself decides and reports its needs.
2) Priority - the satisfaction of basic needs prevails over fear, danger and social conventions and psychological perception.
3) Reduced reaction to the outside world


------------ Introduction to the Proof of the Theory of Sex ------------------

Definition of concepts.

Hormonal, regenerative, stabilizing, physiological state of the body, achieved by two partners during sexual intercourse.

A qualitative hormonal state is achieved between two opposite equally interacting / participating / involved sexes of the same biological species.

Sex is carried out at the request of physiology and cannot be canceled or induced in advance without harming the organism itself.

The environment for having sex should be appropriate / concomitant to achieving orgasm.

A person has sex to maintain a holistic state / balance of the human ecosystem (physiology, intelligence, psyche).

------------ The Proof of Theory of Sex ------------------

Sex is identical to such phenomena as sleep and nutrition.

Normal needMaximum period of absence before the body's death
Sleep7-9 hours per day 3-5 days (for a healthy person 7-8 days)
Nutrition1.5 hours per day 20-25 days (this is an average, depends on age, physiology and other factors)
SexBy our Theory of Sex - 20 minutes per day, daily.
This time can be divided into 2-3 acts or be only 1 act - depends on many factors.
Based on survey results - 5-7 minutes per sexual act, 2 times per week.
120-180 days without ANY hormonal spikes and without medical support

The consequences of a lack or absence of satisfaction of basic needs:

--- Consequences ------ Sleep --- --- Nutrition ------ Sex ---
1) Irritability Yes Yes Yes
2) Apathy Yes Yes Yes
3) Emotional depression Yes Yes Yes
4) Anxiety Yes Yes Yes
5) Weak concentration Yes Yes Yes
6) Memory deterioration Yes Yes Yes
7) Impairment of other cognitive functions Yes Yes Yes
8) Internal Organ Changes Yes Yes Yes
9) Depression Yes Yes Yes
10) Death of the body Yes Yes Yes

THE NOTE. We describe the ideal/correct state of sex, in which the body fully satisfies the hormonal need.

In the absence of full hormonal balancing, the body uses its self-preservation instinct and tries to balance hormones through any other ways available to it (which are not full / holistic by default) - same-sex sex, tantric sex, solo sex, emotional arousal, sexual arousal during sleep etc.