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Lavoeg, West Wyalong, , Australia
I am a: Man
Age: 81
Location: West Wyalong, New South Wales, Australia
Last Activity: 06-02-24
Friends: Julia V Earth
An older man who enjoys sex

About me
I have had two marriages and both were very difficult sexually. My needs were not met at all and that is why I divorced. Just 18 months ago I met up with my primary school girlfriend from 1953/4 and we both love each other completely. We have been having the best relationship and sex of our lives. We are maintaining our individual homes and spend some time apart and when we get together it is like we are on a sexual honeymoon. We love kisses, cuddles, foreplay and intercourse. She loves holding and stroking and kissing my penis and I love giving her pleasure particularly on her clitoris. My partner and I are both 80 years old and whilst we are not as physically flexible like younger people, we really enjoy our sex and pleasuring each other.

My sexual experience
From my earliest years I remember being very interested in anything sexual. As a teenager I used to masturbate regularly . I had a number of friends who also masturbated and we enjoyed masturbating each other. In my two marriages my wives did not want very much sex and I was continually frustrated because my sexual drive was very strong and I was not getting satisfaction. As the years went on and I was continually being refused sex I found it more difficult to raise an erection. Now at 80 I have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and need aids to help my penis become and stay erect. I wear a stainless stell cock ring which helps stop blood exiting the penis when it is erect. I take 50mg of Viagra which helps me be sexually active during the night and next morning. After discussions with my urologist I also use what people generally call a sound in my penis which acts like a splint and keeps it straight and hard. It is 10mm diameter, 150mm long and fits completely inside my penis

About Lavoeg
Income: $30,000-$50,000
Religion: Anglican
Status: Divorced
Kids: My kids live elsewhere
Smoking: Never
Drinking: Not a drinker
Career: Education
Education: Bachelor's degree
Height: 5' 10" - 178 cm
Weight: 167 lbs - 76 kg
Body type: Average
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Brown

Other information
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
First date: Movies
Live where: In a small town
Living with: Single
Appearance: Average
Age preference: Someone close to my age
Level of faith: I believe, but I rarely go to services
Spending habits: I save my money
Humor: I enjoy a good joke or story