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Why you need a club?

Theory of Sex club is a place where people from around the world are gathering with the purpose of researching sex, solving problems in sex and finally MAKE SEX PERFECT.

So, why exactly YOU need the Theory of Sex club? If at least 1 of the following is catching your attention, then definitely you need this club!

1) Learn a lot about Sex

In the modern world, there is an illusion of having knowledge about sex in everything. An endless amount of porn photo and video content, articles about sex, sex toys, etc. support this illusion.

Unfortunately, until now there is a lack of understanding of the purpose of sex, its place in human life, ideas about the rules and ethics of sex.

These are all the questions that are discussed in the Theory of Sex club in order to find answers related to real reality.

2) Discuss Sex

In order to learn more about sex, you need to talk about it.

To do this, we are talking about sex in the aspect of different cultures, climatic and other characteristics.

In this section, the opinion of representatives of different cultures is needed.

3) Share your Sex Experience

To draw conclusions on a particular aspect, a preliminary collection of information is necessary.
To do this, members of the club share their real sexual experience - everything from the beginning of sexual activity to the present moment. The more people share their experiences, the bigger and clearer the picture of sex inherent in the modern world.

4) Take a part in the formation Theory of Sex

We have our own Theory of Sex, we formulated it and presented it for review here.
We (Julia and Alex) are from the same culture with some common understanding of other cultures. Therefore, our point of view, by definition, cannot be true for all cultures.
The participation of representatives of different cultures in the formation of the Theory of Sex will allow us to create a more complete Theory of Sex.

5) Take a part in the creation Rules of Sex

Until now, people do not know about the Rules of Sex. And this is all because no one has yet formulated them, and other members of society have not accepted them.

We are sure that the rules of sex should be and we have formulated them from our point of view. Take part in the formation of a more complete picture of the Rules of Sex.

6) Make your own Sex PERFECT!

We know that sex changes throughout a person's life, sex cannot be the same at 18, 40 and 60 years old.
In order for sex to be ideal, it is necessary to take into account a large number of factors - age, place of residence, accumulated experience, physical, mental and psychic state of both partners, and many other factors.
Come to the Theory of Sex Club to figure it all out and MAKE your own SEX PERFECT!